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Antique & Fine Art Shipping Solutions in Providence

Craters & Freighters Providence is a highly respected service provider for industries and individuals in need of the safe, reliable handling, packaging, and transporting of their art, antiques, and heirlooms. Our local shipping company works with art galleries, auctioneers, collectors, and museums alike. All of which trust us to move their valuable, fragile, one-of-a-kind items with care and precision.

Our decades-long experience allows us to cater to the needs of the most fragile and sensitive or heavy and awkward pieces. We have solidified relationships with artists and gallery owners throughout the artistic city of Providence and support their worldwide shipping needs.

Whether your unique assets will be transported down the street, across the country, or overseas, we have the expertise to safely custom crate, package, and ship any type of item. Allow us to give you the confidence necessary for your arts and antiques crating and shipping project.

Services Tailored to Your Item’s Specific Needs

Our technique is streamlined from start to finish with comprehensive services that allow you to count on us alone for your entire project. In our hands, your valuables get the utmost care and a reliable team to support you with your questions or concerns throughout your experience.

The process is smooth, starting with a full assessment of your asset.

This includes determining factors such as:

  • Risk
  • Storage
  • Environmental factors including temperature and humidity
  • Pickup conditions
  • Mode of transportation (air, sea, land)
  • Final destination location and requirements

Once these factors are taken into account, we will design the perfect container and cushioning scheme to ensure your item’s safe arrival. We hope to surpass your expectations and build a container that gives you confidence by never utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our fine art and antique packing services have been created with integrity and firsthand knowledge of the shipping stream, and all that entails.

Fine Art & Antique Insurance Coverage

We understand that we are nothing without our word, which is why we go above and beyond to create a safe experience for each project we take on. As experts in the industry, we are well-versed to support your shipping needs using an array of packaging services and schemes. Among our services, Craters & Freighters offers insurance coverage on original art pieces, glass, heirlooms, and antiques (see our Terms & Conditions or call us to learn more).

In most cases, a customer will purchase one of our insurance plans, and a value will be declared. After, Craters & Freighters will insure any item or items from the time of pickup, throughout the packing and crating process, and through to delivery.

The insurance coverage available for your valuable art and antique shipments includes:

  • Full Coverage Cargo which is based on the declared value
  • Limited Liability Insurance intended only for items that have been lost

You can trust us with your high-value, one-of-a-kind items, including heirlooms, antique furniture, collectibles, art, and memorabilia, throughout their duration with us.

Our Fine Art Shipping Services

Our Providence shipping company has been trusted with the successful management and safety maintenance of countless pieces of valuable and fragile artworks. We are a dependable team that promotes a safe and smart working environment that strives for excellence. If you need an expert shipping company, look no further than us.

Our efficient services and quality materials are only part of the equation that make us so successful. We also have a team of custom crating, packaging, and shipping specialists who work hard to provide the best possible shipping experience for each customer. With unique items, goals, and needs come various expectations, and we endeavor to exceed them.
If you have a complicated or challenging piece of art or a bulky, one-of-a-kind antique to transport, you can count on us to make it happen using a keen eye for detail, experience, and cunning. Our confidence will inspire yours.


Custom Containers Built For Your Items, Anywhere

Our goal matches yours: getting your valuables crated, protected, and transported successfully. In order to ensure a damage-free arrival, we have a variety of techniques and insider tools that serve to create the most practical, secure, and efficient shipping process. The technology and materials that support our schemes are vital to our success.

Because items come in excessively large and heavy sizes, you can’t always get your assets to us. That’s not a problem. We have the ability to go to you and design and engineer the precise crate and its supports for any item on-site at your location. Your fine art, antique, or heirloom will receive the exact same treatment and level of commitment at your site as it would in our facility.

Rhode Island’s Craters & Freighters makes shipping containers that are rugged enough to sustain their integrity through the unpredictable nature of the shipping stream, yet gentle enough to house even the most fragile items.

Learn more about our custom crating process, and if you’re still not convinced, we invite you to read our testimonials and call us to discuss your concerns. Your satisfaction is always a priority.


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