Taking Action to Protect the Environment

Craters & Freighters is deeply committed to sustainability, focused on reducing the environmental footprint of our packaging and production activities. We are global stewards at the forefront of incorporating advanced technologies and eco-conscious manufacturing techniques.

Our approach is holistic, emphasizing the development of reusable packaging solutions that are not only innovative but are also made from materials that are responsibly sourced and fully recyclable. This commitment extends throughout our operations, ensuring that every aspect of our process contributes to a more sustainable future.

“For over three decades, Craters & Freighters’ mission has been to provide innovative solutions for our customers while giving back to our communities,” says Craters & Freighters CEO Matthew Schmitz. “The core mission hasn’t changed, and our new initiatives demonstrate an eco-responsibility that contributes to a better world.”

Our Policy on Sustainability

The world faces unprecedented ecological challenges today. From climate change to meeting the resource needs of rapidly growing populations, it’s clear businesses must do their part to minimize their impact on the environment and protect our planet.

At Craters & Freighters, we continuously strive to enhance the sustainability of our operations and supply chain. Our dedication to minimizing our ecological impact drives us to explore and adopt new, greener methods and materials.

We prioritize using recycled materials and seek creative, environmentally friendly packaging and logistics solutions. Through these efforts, we provide our customers with services that are effective, reliable and sustainable.

Our initiatives serve two important purposes: They support a healthier planet and assist our customers in achieving their social responsibility and sustainability goals.

The Craters & Freighters sustainability policy is built around ambitious goals that align with our mission to be an industry leader in environmental stewardship:

Innovative Solutions

delivery truckWe continually research and implement innovative methods and materials that reduce environmental impact, focusing on developing sustainable packaging and logistics solutions.

Customer Collaboration

ISPM-15 certified crateWe work closely with our customers to meet their sustainability requirements, offering products and services that enable them to achieve their social responsibility objectives.

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle

100% recycled paper bubbleWe prioritize the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our operations and services, aiming to increase the proportion of sustainable materials in our supply chain.

Education and Awareness

wood disks with environmental awareness symbolWe foster a culture of sustainability within our organization through employee training and awareness programs and extend these efforts to our partners and community.

Some of our many actions toward meeting these goals include:

circle check iconDiverting a tremendous amount of waste from landfills

circle check iconAdvising and assisting customers on recycling options

circle check iconStrongly encouraging the reuse
of materials

We also capitalize on environmentally friendly packaging solutions whenever possible, including cornstarch-based foam and other biodegradable materials. In addition, we build crates from sustainably sourced lumber and continually engineer smarter packaging solutions. We also strive to engage with vendors and other industry partners that share our focus on eco-friendly operations.

By implementing this sustainability policy, Craters & Freighters contributes positively to our planet and society and raises the bar for environmental responsibility within the crating and shipping industry. We are dedicated to adapting and evolving our practices to meet today’s challenges and are well-positioned to address new ones down the road.

Earth-Friendly Solutions

Sustainability is fundamental to our operations and always top-of-mind in the decisions we make and actions we take. Green solutions we have implemented at Craters & Freighters include:

recycled packaging materials

Recycled Packaging Materials

Our focus is on leveraging recycled and recyclable resources within our operations and offerings, with the goal of enhancing the share of sustainable materials throughout our supply chain.

man wrapping item with stretch film

Biodegradable Stretch Film

Plastic wrap is essential in shipping but doesn’t have to contribute to landfills. We can utilize a film that biodegrades like paper, leaving behind zero microplastics.

hand holding pieces of biodegradable foam

Green Packaging Materials

Researchers continue to develop new eco-friendly materials for use in crating and shipping operations (like Green Cell Foam and paper bubble wrap), using these solutions enhance the sustainability of our services.

men working in wood shop with crates stacked in background

Knockdown / Reusable Crates

We develop innovative shipping containers that provide proven protection for contents and are easy to disassemble and store for future use.

forklift operator loading transit cases into trailer

Transit Cases

These rugged, protective shells can be reused countless times, reducing resource needs.

crew working in wood shop

Engineering Resources

We never rest on our sustainability successes. For example, we have packaging engineers on staff who are continuously finding new ways to make our operations even greener.





Supporting Sustainability Through Tree-Planting Partnerships

Craters & Freighters strives to balance our use of wood for crates by doing our part to replenish this vital natural resource and promote conservation.

Our company is a long-time supporter of Trees for the Future and the Arbor Day Foundation. Their tireless efforts to create and maintain thriving forests and strong, healthy ecosystems align with our ambitious sustainability goals and efforts.

What’s more, tree planting provides benefits far beyond our industry. It can stimulate the economy in impoverished areas, thereby causing far-reaching effects like reducing food insecurity. Reforestation also increases biodiversity, which is essential to climate regulation and a healthy planet. These and many other benefits combine to improve the lives of people in communities worldwide.

Trees for the Future

As an organization, Trees for the Future has planted over 340 million trees. We’re proud to say that Craters & Freighters has funded the planting of more than 932,500 trees to date.

A United Nations World Restoration Flagship, Trees for the Future promotes ecosystem restoration by helping farmers to practice the “Forest Garden Approach.” This form of agriculture restores land, improves biodiversity and captures carbon.

Arbor Day Foundation

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. Together with their partners, the Foundation has helped plant more than 500 million trees in neighborhoods, communities, cities and forests throughout the world. The Foundation’s vision is to lead toward a world where trees are used to solve issues critical to survival. Through their members, partners and programs, the Arbor Day Foundation inspires people across the globe to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.

To date, Craters & Freighters has supported the planting of 30,000 trees in the United States, and we continue to support the Foundation’s efforts.

Sustainability as a Journey

At Craters & Freighters, we know that in today’s complex world, sustainability isn’t a “destination”—it’s a journey.

We’re passionate about developing eco-friendly practices, and we’re an industry leader in adopting the latest sustainable materials/technologies. By collaborating with our customers and business partners, Craters & Freighters continues to find even better ways to conserve resources, protect the environment and support a healthier planet.


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